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I was tagged by Winry88... (Devious Journal Entry).

  • You have to post all the rules.
  • Answer the 12 questions asked.
  • Then invent 12 questions for the tagged people to answer.
  • Choose 12 people to tag - you have to legitimately tag 12 people.
  • You CAN'T say you don't do tags - tag-backs are allowed.
  • You have to finish this within a week.
  • If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks.
  • You must do the Journal Entry! No comments! Unless you're talking about the Journal Entry.

1. Favorite TV show (non anime and non cartoon - live action show aimed at grown ups!)

2. Illustrator/Artist you admire?
~ Undecided

3. Favorite holiday and why?
~ New Years Eve/Day, because FIREWORKS!!!

4. Least favorite holiday and why?
~ Valentine's Day, because of bad memories.

5. Dogs or cats?
~ 70% Dogs and 30% Cats.

6. Favorite Youtubers?
~ JustKiddingFilms/JustKiddingNews/JustKiddingParty

7. Preferred music genre?
~ I don't have a particular preference.

8. Least favorite music genre?
~ Refer to Question 7.

9. What kind of career do you picture yourself having?
~ Professional Writer or Library Technician or Bookstore Worker or Bookstore Owner.

10. Are you scared or excited for improvement of AI, virtual reality, self driving cars, ect and why?
~ Currently indifferent.

11. Top future invention you're looking forward too?
~ I'm not looking forward to much in this department.

12. Uh... Weirdest thing you've ever seen on DA?
~ Undecided.

Questions from Winry88:

1. Favorite Pony?
~ I can't decided between Applejack and Rarity.

2. Favorite Cartoon and Anime Show?
~ Pokemon & Digimon.

3. Favorite Food Made By Your Mom?
~ Filipino Spaghetti.

4. Favorite Fast Food Place?
~ McDonald's.

5. Fave Percy Jackson Character?
~ Annabeth Chase.

6. Favorite Transformers Prime Character?
~ Bumblebee.

7. Alucard Vs Your Oc... Who Would Win?
~ Alucard... since I don't have an OC.

8. What Makes Your Oc Unique?
~ See answer to question 7.

9. Who Do You Think Is A Mary Sue?
~ No Comment.

10. Who Would You Pit Your Oc Against?
~ Refer to question 8.

11. Favorite Novel Series?
~ 'Healer' Series by Maria V. Snyder.

12. Who Is Your Fave Greek God?
~ The Goddess Athena.

13. You Vs Me?
~ No Comment.

My 12 Questions:

1. Digimon or Pokémon?
2. Favourite Pokémon?
3. Least Favourite Pokémon?
4. Favourite Pokémon Movie?
5. Left or Right?
6. Sun or Moon?
7. Favourite Voice Actor?
8. Favourite Studio Ghibli Film?
9. Scariest Horror/Thriller Movie you've ever watched?
10. If you existed in the DC or Marvel Universe, would you be a Hero, Villain, Anti-Hero, or Civilian?
11. If you were a gym leader, what type would you specialize in and what would your gym badge be?
12. If you had to live on only 3 types of food for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Sorry, but I'm just tagging 12 random people on my 'Watchers' list...  Winry88, NightmareOnElmStFan, ginger85125, Angelily09, Tdawg1670, JuliaSelena, weirdfangirl59, FlyingFreedom13, abc09827, DarkIce-Seraph, EahRavenQueen, and Idontreallycare12.

(...and despite what the rules say, you don't have to do this if you don't want to... I just did it because it looked like fun...)